Preschool Lesson Plan: Kindness

Can be done on Random Acts of Kindness Week in February…or any time.

Book Suggestions:  “Kids Random Acts of Kindness” by Rosalynn Carter

Blues Clues “The Sharing Surprise” by Tish Rabe

1. Have the word KINDNESS written…on a large paper or board.

2. Encourage the children to sound out each letter, and then put the sounds together to form the word.

3. Ask: What does the word Kindness mean to you?  Encourage discussion and brainstorm examples of helping, sharing, teamwork, smiling, kind words, etc.  Discuss ways that we can show kindness in school, home, the community, the world.

4. Look at some pages from “Random Acts of Kindness”.  This book has stories written by children of all ages…so I just chose a few for this lesson.  And, instead of reading all of them, I just showed the pictures and gave a quick explanation.  The pages I chose:

p. 25  A young child writes: My brother gave me gumballs.

p. 33  A child shares money from his allowance so that his cousin could go to the movies with him.

p. 45  A child warms a bottle to give to his baby sister.

p. 63  A child writes a note to a friend to say Have a Nice Day!

p. 71  A child makes a leaf pile and lets his brother jump in.

p. 75  A child visits a senior home and plays checkers with the residents.

5.  Read the book “The Sharing Surprise”.  This story shows different acts of kindness (sharing) being displayed in a preschool setting.

6.  Sing the song:  “Kindness” together with the moves and/or march around the room or dance:

Kindness, Kindness.  It feels good to be kind. (give yourself a hug; like hugging a teddy bear)

Kindness, Kindness.  I let my Kindness Shine! (spread hands out from heart, as if presenting)

I’m kind to you.  I’m kind to me.  I’m kind to everyone I see. (hands shade eyes, look around)

(Refrain…Kindness, Kindness…)

I’m kind with my hands. (present hands)

I’m kind with my heart. (hands on heart)

I’m kind with my words. (hands under mouth)

I’m kind with my thoughts. (hands on head)

Repeat Refrain.  (video coming soon)

7.  Follow up activities:

Draw pictures about what it feels like to give and receive kindness. (can make a big poster for children to color letters of KINDNESS and to draw examples of sharing, helping, teamwork, etc. around the letters)

Create a Kindness Wish Jar:  During circle time, have each child pick a gem (if age 3+ and told not to put it in their mouth)  Have the children sit quiet while holding the gem.  Encourage them to think kindness wishes to themselves, their family, school, community, world.  After a moment of quiet, each child is invited to place their gem in the jar.  Then, talk about the fact that there are people all over the world who daily express kind wishes to them. (even people they’ve never met)  Talk about how that feels to know this. Talk about nurturing our garden of Kindness.

Can decorate the jar and have it on display.  (as a symbol and reminder of the kindness that’s in every heart)  Place a bowl/bag of gems near by.  Throughout the weeks, whenever a child feels it in his/her heart, s/he can make a kindness wish for self or others, and place it in the jar.


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